FAQ List

  1 )   How does Bid-4it work?

Bid-4it is a revolutionary penny auction concept in the UK. The basic idea is to offer brand new products at very attractive prices.

Bid-4 it is a new bidding website different from the rest, there is no registration fee and there is no final payment that will keep rising as every bid is placed. With some auctions there may be a final payment which will cover postage and packaging for the product that the winner will need to pay. To make the auction fair for every person when a bid is made the timer will add on 15 seconds so that everyone has a fair chance of winning the auction. This therefore means that there is no set time on how long the auction can last.

Any item that is won on Bid-4it will be delivered to the users address that is given on the registration page when joining Bid-4it, the average time taken for deliveries to reach the winner is 28 days.

2 )   How do I participate in the auction?

All you need to do is ensure that you can get online and have an active account with us, go online within the time that the auction will be live and place your bids. If you do not have an account all you have to do is follow the quick easy steps the registration page, this is found at www.bid-4it.co.uk, click on ‘REGISTER’ and bid away.

3 )   What is the warranty I get on the goods I have won?

All products come with relevant manufacturer warranties wherever applicable.

4 )   Can I undo submitted bids?

Due to the fact that any bid placed will have a significant effect on other bidders on the auction, any bid or bids that are placed cannot be undone.

5 )   Can I bid for the same product more than once?

Bid-4it will not place any restrictions on normal auctions in reference to how many bids a registered member can place; however there may be a restriction on some special auctions that Bid-4it holds on a weekly basis. This will not apply to all of the special auctions;notice will be given when a special auction is being carried out.

6 )   What is the cost for placing a bid?

It does not matter what bundle you get it will cost you 0.50 for every bid that you purchase and place on auctions. There will be times where Bid-4it will have an offer for their users Bid-4it will be time to time offer their users free bids when they buy bundles.

7 )   Can I bid for many products at the same time?

Bid-4it will not limit you on the amount of auctions that you can bid on.

8 )   What are auction hours? What happens if I am the last bidder at the end of the day?

If your name is on the top of the list as the “CURRENT WINNER” at the end of the day when the bidding stops for the day you will stay at the top until the next morning when the auction resumes within the active hours of 08:00 to 20:00 this is when the other bidders will be able to place their bids and your name may no longer be listed as the “CURRENT WINNER”.

When the timer goes to ZERO (0) andyour name is at the top of the list as the “CURRENT WINNER” congratulations you are the winner of the auction.

9 )   What happens when I win?

Bid-4it will contact the winner to arrange for the product to be delivered at their address on a time that best suits them.

Note:There may be a final payment due on some auctions that Bid-4it hold however this will be stated on the auction to notify the user before bidding.

10 )   How can I buy bids on Bid-4it?

At present you can buy bid packages online. Bid packages can be purchased using PayPal, by Visa, Master Card or Debit Card.

11 )   Can I get a refund for unused bids?

Purchased bids are non refundable and hence users should only buy as many bids as they are comfortable spending on Bid-4it.com.

12 )   How can I purchase bid packages?

You can pay for your choice of bid package via credit or debit card or via PayPal. All transactions take place under secured SSL connection using 128 to 256 bit encryption. Bid-4it at no time will store your card details for security reasons.

13 )   How secure are your payment methods?

We use high-security encoding (SSL) to protect your payment details when processing the online payment.

14 )   How do I pay for the product that I have won?

There is nothing to pay for the auction if you are the winner, however some special auctions will require for you to make a payment on the auction this will be stated on the auction to notify you of the amount that will needed to be paid. (This can be paid by card or into Bid-4it PayPalaccount this payment will need to be made within 7 days the product will be sent once payment it made).

15 )   How long does it take until the product is delivered?

The product is normally sent within 7 to 14 days after the auction has been won has been received, but can take up to 28 days.

16 )   What happens when I win?

When the auction ends, you will be contacted via email (on the details you have registered with us). This will be to confirm your address details on where the goods will be delivered and give you a rough date on when you will receive the goods to ensure you have someone at home to accept delivery.

Note:There may be some auctions where you have to pay a final fee this will mean this will need to be paid before delivery starts, you will receive an e-mail bout this if this applies to the auction you have won.

17 )   What is the cost of delivery?

There will be no delivery cost on any of the products, except on the special auctions.

18 )   Does Bid-4it deliver everywhere in the UK?

We deliver throughout the UK, however if you reside in Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, the Scilly Isles, Scottish Islands and BFPO we would recommend to contact us to find out delivery timelines as they could be longer than normal.

19 )   Where can I read the terms and conditions?

The terms and conditions can be read under the section Terms and Conditions.

20 )   If I have additional questions, how do I contact Bid-4it?

If you any additional questions please e-mail us at: info@Bid-4it.com.

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