For you to participate and place any bid on an item that is in a current running auction you will be required to REGISTER with Bid 4 IT. On completion of registering you will be shown the bid bundles that we offer and this will be your first chance to buy BIDS to place on current auctions

You can top up on the Bids you have at anytime by buying more bids, click here for that option now, Bids are available in many different Bid bundles which start from as cheap as 5 and payment will be done via a PAYPAL transaction, different Bid bundles are offered to tailor the needs of any person that is registered with us.

Bid 4 IT will not be able to refund any bids that have been placed on any auction, for this reason bid 4 it recommend that any details of your account are not shared with anyone e.g. username or password, to avoid any unauthorised bidding on your account.

Bid bundles are designed to ensure that the only bids that are placed on an auction is from a person that is truly interested in the item, this will also ensue that no one will be able to place fake bids, bids will go off your account as and when the bids have been placed, so please ensure that you have enough bids when entering an auction as you would not want to lose out on an auction as you had to go out of the auction to buy some more bids as the auction is running on a set timeframe.

Bids that you buy from us via PAYPAL will be valid for 45 days from the date of purchase, BID 4 IT would recommend that you use the bids before this date or they will be removed from your account, BID 4 IT will have auctions that will be auctioning FREE BIDs please note that these bids will be valid for 14 days.

Should you win an action at Bid 4 IT for FREE BIDS these will be added to your account upon the auction finishing, the winning bids will only be added to the bidder that has won the auction these can not be transferred or added onto another account at any time. We will try to get these on your account as soon as possible however it can take a maximum of 7 days.

We do not refund any bids that have been bought or won at any stage, we also do not transfer any bids bought or won, from one account to another, should your account be closed for any reason BID 4 IT retains the right to retain the bids and they will be recycled.

If you have any issues with your bids or have any queries about this you can contact a member of our team by clicking here a member of our team will be back in contact with you within 48 hours.

Please note that FREE BIDS can only be won on an auction that is held on BID 4 IT website directly, any FREE BIDS won on any other site will not be honoured by BID 4 IT.



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